New York City Wedding  Photographer

What a sweet thing it is, to know a love like yours. 

That we’re obsessed with each other, destined to be together, can’t wait to marry you kind of love. A story that is even better than the cheesy ending of your favorite rom-com because it’s yours. Happily ever after, real life edition.

will always travel for a good time

Don’t you think a love like that deserves to be documented?  

Photograph My Love

pressing pause on your best moments

Let’s stop time during your happiest day – with photographs that allow you to relive your most important moments forever

I'm Alex!

Engineer turned New York City wedding photographer. 

Because life is too short to not follow our dreams, am I right? And there was something about showing others how beautiful they are that called me back to the camera. So now I’m lucky enough to photograph down-to-earth couples, so obsessed with each other and crazy in love, all over the Northeast and anywhere their adventures take them. 

I’m also a wife, a dog mom, and a travel junkie from a big family of Texans who is most likely exploring a new city or searching for the best cup of coffee around. 

You should know that I’m not here to be just another wedding vendor. Maybe it’s the southern gal in me or because I’m a sucker for a good love story, but you and me? We’ve gotta be friends. 

Get to Know Me

She is everything I could have ever asked for in a photographer

I was worried about looking awkward and not knowing how to pose, but she took care of everything! Her style is timeless and the photos she took I will cherish for a lifetime. She is everything I could have ever asked for in a photographer!!

Elisa wells

Alex is the sweetest human and such a talented photographer

AMAZING!!! Alex is the sweetest human being and such a talented photographer - I had a blast during the session!! The pictures turned out absolutely beautiful. I definitely recommend and I can't wait for the next photo session with her!

Saidee Godoy

We are so obsessed with her talent!

My husband raves about her pictured often and we are so obsessed with her talent! She makes taking pictures so so fun! The absolute friendliest photographer ever!!

Brianna fuentes

this is all about YOU

capture my day

Not the flowers or the dress or what is on the dinner plate. It’s about celebrating the heck out of your love. Make memories that mean something to you. When your day is filled with genuine happiness and candid moments, every photo will be the best one yet.